Rediscover Your Assets

Star Asset Recovery's mission is to provide a channel for all industry and businesses to remarket their unwanted electronic equipment and other practical assets. To ensure a return for the customer by providing quality remarketed IT, medical, or any other asset that would be sold throughout our customer database. Countries that otherwise would not have the opportunity to purchase much needed equipment are provided a channel through Star Asset Recovery.

What We Offer


Your goals to “GO GREEN” are fully supported. Nothing we take from you ever goes to a landfill! Equipment that is unable to be resold is used for parts or completely recycled right down to reclaiming metals and grinding plastics for reuse. For organizations that donate equipment, we offer an alternative. Instead of the risk of donation your equipment “as is,” let us provide cash for your equipment – which you can then donate to your favorite causes.

We Make It Easy For You

We work for you. That means our logistics are set up to meet your needs, not ours. We do not “cherry pick” your equipment for disposal. You can turn to us for up front direct purchases, consignments and disposal of all your equipment in one trip!

We want to become your trusted resource is all situations. Star Asset Recovery can handle large jobs (such as overnight asset removal in an entire facility or floor), or small jobs (including serving wide spread facility locations).

You Don't Have To Wait

Pickup is arranged according to your schedule, not the next time one of our trucks is in your area or you have a full load. You can start your recovery orders anytime you want – by phone, email, or via our Online Quote System.

Full-service Capabilities

Protect your data and get the most revenue from your assets in this rapidly depreciating and sensitive market. We provide value assessment, quick removal, complete security, and transparent processes.

Environmentally-safe Disposal

Electronic components contain many substances considered harmful to the environment, particularly lead. An average color monitor may contain up to 6.5 pounds of lead, as well as small amounts of cadmium, mercury, and other toxic metals. Star Asset Recovery provides a cost effective GREEN solution to the handling of such contaminates.

The disposal of electronic equipment is governed by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and is regulated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. State and local regulatory authorities usually adopt the Federal standards as a minimum, and may impose more stringent regulations within their local jurisdictions. We can offer solutions that are environmentally safe.

Timing is Everything

Expediting your decision to remove your technology produces a higher residual value. Although residual values fall, disposition costs tend to rise with time, so the best practice is to avoid "batching," i.e., collecting a large quantity of equipment, and to move surplus assets as rapidly as possible into the end-of-life process.

We specialize in quick and efficient removal of equipment on an as-needed basis.

About Us

As a minority-owned, full-service asset recovery corporation, Star Asset Recovery works with Fortune 500 companies, health care providers, and medical equipment manufacturers to send medical technology to those in greatest need. Through our participation in United Nations and U.S. State Department programs as well as Nelson Mandela’s African health initiatives, we are able to make the greatest impact with equipment that would otherwise be destroyed or resold in unapproved markets.

Extensive experience in the IT and Computer Technologies fields allows us to realize the best value for your assets in this rapidly depreciating market. Through our processing and re-marketing programs we send the equipment where it is valued most and return that value to you.To achieve our goals Star Asset has created our complete asset recovery solution, the “Total Solution.” Choosing either an outright purchase or consignment program, you are able to generate a revenue stream from your equipment while still serving your mission.

Star Asset Recovery has been operating in our field for over nine years with over 20 years in the asset recovery industry.

We'd Like To Get To Know You

Star Asset Recovery values our relationship with Premier Participating Members. We'd like to be your trusted partner for cost efficient, secure, and responsible equipment liquidation and asset recovery services.

Our clients include medical facilities, corporations, nonprofits and governments.

Passionate about sustainability, we are a woman-owned and family-managed business that provides personalized service and attention to every client relationship.

Your satisfaction is our bottom line. Call us to find out how to make your expense budget into a profit center.

Going Green

Star Asset Recovery provides a GREEN Solution for disposing electronic and medical waste. This solution creates revenue by generating a market for the integral parts produced from the unwanted electronic waste. This solution also provides a safe and cost-free scenario to our customers.