Inventory Control

Using encrypted database inventory management software, control your complete inventory through one system, allowing for a full range of reporting options and search capabilities. From location to manufacturer, model number and individual coding.

Fully-integrated Auditing Services

The inventory reporting system lets you audit your records simply and quickly. Do spot checks on locations, print a complete list with the values you have given and maintain full accountability of your assets.

Internal Redeployment

Using the inventory system, locate equipment in your facilities and transfer it internally with a few clicks of the mouse. Find it quickly, move it quickly.

Inventory Review and Appraisal

As a busy manager, you are responsible for an enormous quantity of equipment and other products. We provide free desktop appraisals. Or let us extend your reach by conducting an on-site review of your capital equipment. On-site services are complimentary for all accounts of $15,000 or more. Travel and expense charges may be eligible to be waived depending upon the size of your asset inventory.

Remote Inventory Access

Through our database you are able to access via the net at any location through a secure login. Whether it be in the warehouse or a conference room your inventory is always available.

Lifecycle Management

Most Fortune 1000 companies do not realize that 20 percent of the investment of all computers purchased by their company will be the overhead in which they have to pay in order to remove their old technology off of the employees or client desktops.

Physical removal, packaging, data removal, shipping, disposal and asset inventory all combine in the cost of lifecycle management.

There are two ways to handle the removal. Pay the cost of all the above, which according to a Gartner Group report that came out in 2001, states that the average cost to remove a desktop computer with keyboard, mouse and monitor costs approximately $135.

Or you can have Star Asset Recovery, Inc. come in and provide a no-cost solution for all your obsolete and unwanted electronic equipment. Star Asset Recovery, Inc. can provide a totally cost-free removal of all the equipment. From banks to manufacturing, the fast growing community of technology laden companies in need of turning a budget into a profit by utilizing our service to remove all you assets.

Improper disposal is no longer an option. Protect your family and your land by processing your electronic equipment in a proper manner. It is the right thing to do.

Medical Asset Value

Our Blue Book system automatically inputs the estimated value of the equipment listed in your inventory.

Data Destruction and Protection


  • D.O.D. (Department of Defense Standard) Data Wiping
  • Hard Drive Overwriting
  • Total Data Destruction
  • Text Across top “Rest Secure”

Whether it is confidential patient information, financial data or just information that you don’t want in the public eye, Star Asset Recovery ensures that you never will have to worry.

Disposal Solutions

Not every piece of equipment is worth its weight in gold. For scrap material, Star Asset Recovery will provide a complete service.

  • Pickup and removal of the material
  • Detailed Disposal Report with associated fees and Certificate of Destruction
  • A hassle-free option.

When there is a dollar value to scrap, Star Asset will break the equipment down, re-market the parts and strive to return the best value for your equipment. Schedule an appoint to view our destruction process in action or call for a pricing schedule.

Cost-effective Disposal Services
Sometimes you have non-repairable or low value equipment that requires further processing for responsible disposal. We can handle these in the same load as your equipment with value, allowing us to charge you less than other companies.

Consignment Program

Are you willing to wait for selected pieces of equipment to be refurbished, marketed and resold? If so, all Premier Members are eligible to receive a highly competitive rate of 80% of the net resale proceeds (after deduction of costs for transportation, parts, refurbishment and de-installation charges).

Certified Audit

Our Certified Audit Report provides a permanent record of precisely what you own and its estimated market value at the time of audit, in both electronic format—for easy import into enterprise asset repositories—and hard copy.

Warranteed Data Security

Rest easy that your data is entirely secure. Our facilities maintain 24-hour security surveillance and employ a full range of security procedures.

We provide fully-audited data loss management. Studies have shown that up to 10% of hard drives erased using conventional means still contain data. Our STARTRACK system performs hard drive erasure automatically, without failure-prone manual procedures. The proprietary erasure process is universally compatible with all operating systems and hardware types to ensure 100% data security. A service log is automatically generated for 100% ability. It's Your Choice Each Time